Security Notes for Researchers

  1. Enter the WiscRDC lab by pressing your security card against the external card reader.
  2. Once inside, if you find that no one else is in the lab, enter your security code on the panel just inside the door and then “1” to disarm the motion detector.
  3. When you leave, if no one else is in the lab enter your security code on the panel and then “2” to rearm the motion detector.  Do this with the door closed.  You will hear a low beeping.  This goes on for the 30 seconds or so that the security system gives to you leave the room and close the door.
  4. If you do not leave before the beeping stops, the motion detector will notice you are there and send an alarm to campus police and others.  You’ll also hear an alarm.  Call the campus police at the number posted above the security panel and tell them that there is no emergency and they do not have to send an officer to the RDC.  Enter your security code and then “1” and “1” again to clear the alarm.  The police will be notified no matter how quickly you manage to clear the alarm.