Course in Social and Economic Data

WiscRDC is hosting remote participation in the edX course, Understanding Social and Economic Data. The course is designed to teach participants basic and advanced techniques for acquiring and transforming raw information into social and economic data.

The course starts on Monday, February 1st, 12:15-3:15 CST. We will convene each week in Room 1145 Wisconsin Discovery Center (TelePresence Room), 1609 University Ave.

The course syllabus ( indicates you must be a student to enroll. This part is not accurate. Participation is by request, and formal enrollment is not required (there is no fee). If you, or others you know, are interested in the course, please feel fee to share this announcement and ask them to contact Brent Hueth (

Although formal enrollment is not required, attending the course does require participation and attendees must do all course assignments. This is not a passive course.

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