Visit from Amy O’Hara

Amy O’Hara from the Census Bureau visited on December 6th.  She met with faculty and grad students and presented a talk at CDE entitled:  Research Opportunities Using Linked Federal and State Data at the Census Bureau.

Amy directs the main division of the Census Bureau that administers and matches surveys  and  administrative  data  sources .  Her  expertise  includes  the  use  of  administrative records data for social science and program evaluation research, evaluation of linked data quality,  and  approaches  to historical  person – matching. She  has  published  on  the  EITC, uses  of  ACS  data,  uses  of  linked  Census  data,  tax  imputation  in  the  CPS,  among  many other  subjects. Dr.  O’Hara’s  division  oversees  the  Core  Longitudinal  Infrastructure Population Project (CLIPP) , which has several sub-projects that a use administrative data linked to historical population change, see

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