Dissertation Mentorship Program

The Center for Economics Studies at the US  Census Bureau seeks participants for its Dissertation Mentorship program.

Program participants receive two principal benefits:

  • One or more CES staff economists are assigned as mentors and advise the participant on the use of Census Bureau microdata.
  • A visit to CES where they meet with staff economists and present research in progress. Trip expenses (airfare, hotel, and meals) will be paid for by CES

For more information visit:  https://www.census.gov/ces/researchprograms/mentorship.html

Recent Participants include.

Katherine Willyard is a PhD candidate in sociology at Texas A&M University using data from the Census of Mining, Longitudinal Business Database, Report of Organization, American Community Survey, and Decennial Census, as well as non-Census data, to examine the relationship between organizational, community, and political-legal characteristics and Texas oil and gas facility venting and flaring, at the well, establishment, and firm levelsRandy Becker will serve as her mentor.

Brenden Timpe is a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Michigan using data from the SIPP combined with earnings records from SSA to examine the interaction of women’s fertility decisions and long-term career outcomes. Lori Reeder of SEHSD will serve as his mentor.

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