2017 RDC Annual Conference at UCLA

Brent and I recently traveled to UCLA to attend the Annual Conference of the Federal Statistical Research Data Centers.  To see a full program please visit:

Here are a few important updates:

  • FUNDING (Deadline November 1, 2017):  The Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) seeks to fund researchers who will use the IRIS data to address questions about the social and economic returns to investments in research.   http://iris.isr.umich.edu/research-data/grants/
  • ECONOMIC CENSUS:  The 2017 Economic Census will add new questions regarding retail health clinics, management practices in health care services, self-service in retail, and water use in manufacturing and mining
  • BUREAU OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS:  Over the coming months, BEA will entertain proposals that seek to analysis BEA data in FRDCs around the country.
  • BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS: The BLS plans to make the following data sets available in the RDC systems:  Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, Census of Fatal Occupational injuries, National Compensation Survey.
  • COMMISSION ON POLICY BASED POLICY MAKING:  We also heard about the Commission’s final report and recommendations. https://www.cep.gov/


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