New Research Associate Director

We are very happy to welcome Wang Jin as the new Research Associate Director at the WiscRDC.  In this new position Wang will help researchers successfully develop and submit Census related proposals.

While I continue to be the main point of contact for questions regarding the RDC application process, Wang is happy to help with questions about economic data, research opportunities, benefits, etc.  Please see Wang’s profile below and feel free to contact him with any questions about proposal development.

Name: Wang Jin
Affiliation: Research Associate Director at FSRDC at UW Madison (also Research Associate at IDE, Sloan School of Management, MIT)

I have worked with data available at the FSRDC for more than 7 years, primarily with business level data and some experience with the LEHD database. My current research interests focuses mainly on technology adoption and its impact on firm performance, organizational structure, innovation, and various labor market outcomes. I am also interested in exploring the effects of government regulation and firm behavior on sustainable growth. Below is a list of the approved Census projects I have been involved and submitted:

Approved U.S. Census projects:
•    Risk Exposure, Managerial Characteristics, and Firms’ Real Actions
•    Environmental Regulations and the Impact of Information Technology, Management Practices, and Innovation on Environmental Performance
•    Organizations in the Digital Economy: Information Technology Use, Complementary Investments, and Their Impacts on Firm Outcomes
•    Validating and Improving the ASM-MOPS
•    Short-Run and Long-Run Impacts of Pollution Abatement Spending on Economic and Environmental Outcomes
Submitted Proposals:
•    Technology Adoption, Firm Shocks, and Labor Market Outcome, with John Bai
•    Measuring the AI Economy in America, with Erik Brynjolfsson

For more information, here is the link to my personal website:

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