New LEHD Project

Florence Honore started a new project entitled:  Management and Organizational Practices, Business Dynamism, Employee Sorting, and Entrepreneurship
We anchor our project on the intersection of the literature on management and organizational practices and on entrepreneurship. We will focus on three main research questions: how do management and organizational practices relate to the rate and direction of entrepreneurial spinouts generated from an establishment? How do organizational practices influence the extent to which firms attract or lose employees, as well as the characteristics of employees who join and depart an establishment? How does early employees’ industry experience affect the managerial practices adopted by new establishments? How long does this effect persist? Answering these research questions will contribute to the debate on the drivers of business dynamism and it should lead to a much better understanding of why it may be changing over time and what the prospects for the future are. Furthermore, the study will improve our understanding of why employees decide to found new firms, and, more broadly, the relationship between management at incumbent firms and the rate and direction of entrepreneurial activity. Finally, the study will improve our understanding of how early employees affect the adoption of managerial practices in new establishments. Our primary data sources for the three research questions will be the LEHD, the LBD, the BRB, the ASM, the CM and the MOPS survey.

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